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Team Nadadores Locos complete 6 Person Farallon Channel Relay

Nadadores LocosOn July 31, 2015, six members of the Nadadores Locos Swim Club, based in San Francisco, completed a double-crossing of the Gulf of the Farallons (a.k.a. The Farallon Channel).

Starting just before midnight on July 30, team “Locos” swam from east of the Golden Gate Bridge to the Northeast buoy in Fisherman’s Bay on Southeast Farallon Island and back to the Golden Gate Bridge, covering 59.4 miles (straight line distance) in 34 hours, 54 minutes, and 15 seconds. The team rotated swimmers at 60-minute intervals until the swim was completed.

Independent Observer 1: Scott Tapley
Independent Observer 2: Kimberly Rutherford
Boat & Captain(s) & Navigation: Hyperfish, SF Boat Support – Brent McLain, Marino Cacciotti
Crew Chief: Joe Butler
Crew: Glenn Greene (Crew & First Aid)
Tide Prediction and Planning: Les Mangold
Swimmers and swim rotation order:
1. Amy Appelhans Gubser
2. Kirk McKinney
3. Les Mangold
4. John Sims
5. Jeff Everett
6. Andrew McLaughlin

Nadadores Locos Farallon Relay2015 Observer Report FINAL